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made a date with divinity but she wouldnt let me fuck

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computer is built, but not running. i have bad memory, ill have to wait till new memory comes in and i'll try again. hooray for warranty :D.

school work school work.. >:|

how do you go about asking people out and doing athat bf/gf thing? is like like, "hey you, you my ho now" or "hey wanna go out?", after that. how do you establish the territory? >:|

i like using >:|


secret of the easy yolk

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so.. long time no see? my camera seems to be broken. im pretty sure its broken. its all grainy and dark and not what it used to be. i dont know what happened to it. it just pisses me off though. i spent 40$ for this camera in december and now its april and its broken? (i suppose this is so, i bought it refurbished) funny thing is, my older crappier camera probably still works, and i got that one for 20$ ill fix it somehow.

i need to start looking for a summer job soon. first place i thought of was ups, but i dont think that they are hiring. ill have this weekend to go and try to look for one (i forgot to mention that i am going home this weekend). i guess ill just have to see what kind of jobs are open. also.. it is still early. i get out of school the 24thish. so ill have to look for one then. itd be nice if when i came home i had a job to look forward to.

im building a new computer. so far ive bought the motherboard, the case and the powersupply. (for you technogeeks out there to care for what my new computer's specs will be: motherboard - abit nf7s; memory - kingston pc-3200 512mb; video card - albatron nvidia ti4200 128mb 8x agp; power supply - enermax 365w fca; and the processor: amd athlon xp 2500+ barton, a formidable system indeed) this is what my case looks like: [ http://images2.newegg.com/productimage/11-156-018-01.JPG ] not too shabby for a 40$ case. itll be fun building it. my dad bought himself a 100 gig hard drive so ill be taking the original 40 gig one. 100 gigs total for me!. the big problem will be transferring what i have on this computer to that computer. apparently xp isnt hot swappable. bleh. ill figure something out. i could always call microsoft and tell them i upgraded, theyd give me the new key, but its just a big hassle. anyways.

only one of you "readers" replied :(. and that person is "mandy". her ip doesnt match anyone i know so that means tis a real deal. no prank. so hi mandy! how are you today?

this is all for now.
-m-e-i n-a-r... D!!


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do you know which sexual position produces the ugliest children?


go ask your parents


cookies are teh pween

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the title says it all.. cookies are the best. my favorite is white chocolate macadamia... mmm.. and oatmeal raisin has its high points too. chocolate chip is just too.. blah for me. and you should listen to me cause i worked a mrs. fields before. yes ladies and gentlemen, i worked at a cookie store. we had cookies the size of cds for a dollar forty. and over the summer we sold a big ass cookie, i forget what it was called, i think tokabunga or somehitng. it was huge. and brownies.. mmm.. brownies. after working at that place, i couldnt eat anymore cookies. mostly because i took got to take home some. and ate them. but that was almost 4 years ago. i think its time to go back to my love affair with the cookie.

damnit.. i forgot to buy some milk

its worse than teenage poetry

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went to the takingbacksunday/autumntoashes/recover/chemicalromance show tonight. very good show, didnt like autumn to ashes much though. i saw melissa binder there! i havent seen her since this summer at the warped tour. she came with her friend gina and boyd from the metro. it was cool. the venue was scary though, just structually uncomfortable. dunno. maybe its just the engineer talking in me? later kiddies, i have anew idea for a layout, meaning v8 is scrapped (or is it?). ill probably use it for ode. but yeah, danielle gave me an idea. i promise ill work on the site more. maybe a little motivation through comments would do? eh? eh?

note to self: learn how to make own layouts in moveable type. this layout is just temporary! i swear!

another note to self: work on site more

also.. to people who read this. leave acomment damnit! so i know whats the traffic im getting. i broke into the 100's this month in bandwidth, the sad thing is.. its mostly from hotlinking. boo to that. i have 5 gigs of bandwidth to use. give ideas! (no porn or mirroring)

april fools

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you know what would make a good prank? selling your soul to the devil. then later on the devil would get mad cause you didnt give him your soul, it as just a piece of ham, then you two will share a good laugh and watch some pornography. mmm mm.. nothign like pornography

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