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so.. long time no see? my camera seems to be broken. im pretty sure its broken. its all grainy and dark and not what it used to be. i dont know what happened to it. it just pisses me off though. i spent 40$ for this camera in december and now its april and its broken? (i suppose this is so, i bought it refurbished) funny thing is, my older crappier camera probably still works, and i got that one for 20$ ill fix it somehow.

i need to start looking for a summer job soon. first place i thought of was ups, but i dont think that they are hiring. ill have this weekend to go and try to look for one (i forgot to mention that i am going home this weekend). i guess ill just have to see what kind of jobs are open. also.. it is still early. i get out of school the 24thish. so ill have to look for one then. itd be nice if when i came home i had a job to look forward to.

im building a new computer. so far ive bought the motherboard, the case and the powersupply. (for you technogeeks out there to care for what my new computer's specs will be: motherboard - abit nf7s; memory - kingston pc-3200 512mb; video card - albatron nvidia ti4200 128mb 8x agp; power supply - enermax 365w fca; and the processor: amd athlon xp 2500+ barton, a formidable system indeed) this is what my case looks like: [ ] not too shabby for a 40$ case. itll be fun building it. my dad bought himself a 100 gig hard drive so ill be taking the original 40 gig one. 100 gigs total for me!. the big problem will be transferring what i have on this computer to that computer. apparently xp isnt hot swappable. bleh. ill figure something out. i could always call microsoft and tell them i upgraded, theyd give me the new key, but its just a big hassle. anyways.

only one of you "readers" replied :(. and that person is "mandy". her ip doesnt match anyone i know so that means tis a real deal. no prank. so hi mandy! how are you today?

this is all for now.
-m-e-i n-a-r... D!!

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shweet tower!!! I just got one of those... mines cool but yers is kick ass!!! I like the little see thru panel. Now ya just gotta fill it.

:raises hand for teacher to mark me present: Yeah... I read yer shit. Tis a gemini's nature to constantly want to peep at people. Its a voyeur thing :also why I like the see thru panel lol: Yeah... I know... Curiousity killed the cat... but satisfaction brought him back. heh.

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