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OS: Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 1 (5.1 - 2600) | Connection: Dialup | CPU: 1-AMD , 2079MHz, 256KB (14% Load) | RAM 273/512MB (53.32%) | Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X | Resolution: 1152x864 32bit 75Hz

be jealous. be very jealous

so far i have most of the important programs installed. the gfx card is awesome. kinda makes me sad that the only game uses it is HalfLife. i want to buy vice cityyyyy.. anyone have 50$ they can give me? :D. i just have to say that i can never go back on the dell. this computer has spoiled me within 2 days. so far its running "stable" havent had a restart in a day. ill see if it can make it to a week. a few games still crash in it, i think it depends on what mode i run it on. maybe i need to update the drivers. its all on diablup though so im hesitant. i need to go find a job soon. ill start looking on tuesday.hopefully its one taht gives a lot of hours, a lot of pay and not that difficult. cause you know, im lazy. i need new people to hang out with, or hang out with epoeple i dont usualyl hang out. time to expand my horizons and shit. that or just hot girls. (by my definition of hot). intelligence is sexy.

anyways, this was looking so lonely so i decided to update it. once i get the comptuer all settled in and if im lazy enough i will go update the site. fun stuff.



I'm not jealous. APPLE PWNS J00),,.

oh yeah. intelligent girls are way sezy.

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