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1500 and 200. and now 15, i sure do write a lot. but im not gonna tell you where i write them.

this has been shaping up to be quite the unemployed summer. i need money to do stuff. to fix stuff. to go places.

maybe i should set up a paypal donate account :D. be a bonafide camwhore of sorts (oh crap.. i forgot, my cam is still BROKEN)

the more reason to set up a paypal i suppose?

perhaps i should work on the site more. to pass the time. start up 2 comics. keep on working on adam (still need a new name). and draw more plant.

but then again im lazy

we'll see how things go


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and this is why i think its not gonna work out :(

computer picturese

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not really a real entry, but to satisfy any ongoing curiousity. here are pictures of my new computer:

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