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im not dead

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im alive. im here, dont nobody worry. just getting my bearings in school for now. til then, no updates for here. well.. maybe some. but itll be sparse. need to go get a new webcam. any suggestions?

its been a while

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its been a while since ive updated in here. so here goes. this summer has been somewhat memorable. but it will be memorable in the way that it has been like every other summer ive had. the roles are the same, just the people who play them is the only thing different. i move in back to school tomorrow (well, at least my stuff is.) hope i dont crap out this year like ive done in years past. at the beginning of the summer, i thought i was going to have a single room, but alas, my school hates me (thus i hate them). so i have a roomate. ive tried to contact him, but i couldnt reach him. he has made no attempts to contact me neither. sooo.. i predict it will be a crappy relationship. (ive got the hiccups and theyre quite annoying). so i havent really done any work on the site as i had promised. (i guess you cant count on me for keeping promises.) heres to another school year filled with crap and more crap. perhaps the only shining star would be that this year i will turn 21. hooray for being a lush.

that is all


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