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wow.. week 5 already. 6 more weeks and i get a meager week off from school. sadly i can not go out of state since it is my mom's birthday during that time. so the money i have saved will either stay saved, or squandered off to something utterly useless (like parts or liqour). ive upated plant. i still have several episodes to draw, and i started another comic; im thinking of starting another one.. but on the subject on my dedication to these projects. tahts a different issue.

so in short. i am passing all my classes, but not really getting the grades i want. i need to try harder (hooray for stress). i have 2 more months till i renew the site, which i WILL DO. i like my site, no matter how much i seem to ignore it.

oh yeah. i got a new cam, not as nice as my old logitech one. that one had digital quality pictures, this is just a webcam webcam.. keep watching the little image. you might catch me live.

and oh yeah. still workign on new layout. but for, this will have to suffice.

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