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Wow, last time I wrote in here was waayyy back in April. Oh my. FORGIVE ME FAILRATIO.NET FOR I HAVE IGNORED YOUU!!!
Anyways I'll go through a quick recap of what has happened since I laste wrote in here. (I keep telling myself that I'll write in this at least once a week, but I usually forget.) The obvious part would be: it's summer and school is out! I did better in school that I had anticipated. Waaaay better since during school, I felt like was slacking supremely. Here is the final verdict:
Computer Applications for Engineers 2 - AB
Calculus IV - CD
Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems - B
Strenghts of Materials - A
Modern Physics - B
And since they're all weighted differently, I managed to get *gasp* on the Honor Roll! Hurrah for that. Next year should prove to be fun; I'm pretty much taking all engineering classes, although I do miss non-engineering classes. Kinda sad though that pretty much each time I find a teacher whose teaching style I like, they retire.
Moving on. I somehow managed to get a job this summer. It'd be the first time in a while where I earn money legitimately. I work at a liqour store, which I guess you can consider to be kinda bad. 21 years old, with money, surrounded by discount liqour; yeah, really bad. This money will be utilized on utility costs for my apartment. My nonexistent apartment that I really should find because time is running out.
That's about it for now. More to come later.


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