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last year at school, and overloaded like crazy. i can't wait till i'm free. good times will be had.

mixtape is up to 7 now
adam is up to 33



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As stated by the cheer on the subject line, someone actually submitted an entry to /mixtape. And that person is now the coolest person in the world, which is pretty hard since she was the coolest person in the world previously. Anyways, I'm working on a new mixtape that doesn't seem so.. whiny? Perhaps something obvious, so that it will be fun of sorts.

mixtape vol2

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no one won the last mixtape. oh well, here is a new one because i felt like making a new one. go to it:


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I managed to somewhat finish a "project" that I started a while ago. I lost pretty much all of the graphics I did for it when I lost my hard drive. Anyways, for enjoyment: GO ENTER DAMNNIT!!

200 fsb

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hooray! althought i cant set the multiplier higher than 11. (but then again, the only other multiplier i tried was 12.5) 11.5 maybe?

project 'finished'

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go check it out for cheap looking drawings.

it finally happened

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